Justina Yong   food stylist, recipe developer, home cook, baker.

Justina Yong

food stylist, recipe developer, home cook, baker.

The best journeys are those full of the unexpected, where we find ourselves savoring surprising and delightful lessons that happened, because whether by will or chance, we find ourselves outside the control of our regular circumstances – that and of course, the joy of relishing a slice or two of decadent chocolate cake, or perhaps an all-American meatloaf pie.

The birth of FEAST has left me feeling incredibly blessed. Blessed that now, I have an outlet to explore and experiment with my biggest passion – making delicious food (that looks equally good!) for family and friends and have it evolve into more exciting undertakings like food styling, photography projects, and party catering.

With FEAST, I work with a group of talented individuals – photographers, designers, film and commercial directors, and party planners (to name a few) in producing nothing short of something fabulous!

What we put together – be it for a photo-shoot or a dinner party fit for twenty – is an accumulation of everyone’s concerted effort to churn out something we can all be proud of.

Join me (along with my A-team) on my humble journey in pursuit of good food, beautiful photographs, and meaningful get-togethers.